Trump Gets Revenge On Another Pathetic RINO


In an attempt to remove incumbent Governor Brian Kemp, Donald Trump’s political action committee recently invested $500,000 in Georgia’s Republican gubernatorial primary race.

The $500,000 donation to Get Georgia Right was made by the Save America PAC, which is financed by Trump’s campaign.

According to data from the Federal Election Commission, Trump made the payment on March 25, which was his first significant financial contribution in this election cycle.

President Trump, who quickly backed former Sen. David Perdue in the gubernatorial race when he began his campaign in December, has been vocal about his frustrations with Kemp over Georgia’s 2020 election procedures.

On behalf of Perdue, both the president and his eldest son Donald Trump Jr. have visited Georgia, with Trump hosting an expensive fundraiser at his Mar-a-Lago mansion in March to assist Perdue, who has failed to raise as much money as Kemp in the race according to their most recent financial disclosures.

Trump has also taken a strong position in Georgia’s gubernatorial election, strongly supporting six other primary candidates who share his animosity for Kemp and Kemp supporters.

The other, state Rep. Vernon Jones (R), was a vocally pro-Trump Democratic-turned-Republican who had previously been seeking the governorship but withdrew at Trump’s urging and entered the race for Georgia’s Tenth Congressional District instead. In order to bring together Jones and Perdue’s supporters, Trump offered him an endorsement in exchange for quitting the gubernatorial race.

With all of his efforts, Trump has thus far failed to halt Kemp’s ascent in the race, with a recent poll from Cygnal showing Kemp’s biggest advantage yet over Perdue, at 16 points.

Another “top priority” target of Trump’s that the former president is expected to devote a significant amount of cash to defeating is Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), according to Politico.

She has been the face for the 10 Republicans who defected from the party to vote in favor of impeaching Trump over last year’s riot at the United States Capitol. Most of her fellow Republicans in Congress have criticized her for denouncing Trump for the event and his 2020 election statements.

Author: Steven Sinclaire