Watch: Democrats Do The Unthinkable To Support Communism


Democrat congressmembers protested Monday to push President Biden to extend the national eviction moratorium, and Democrat Senator Ed Markey (MA) talked about Woody Guthrie, who was the creator of “This Land Is Your Land,” as a person who was a “communist” and a “socialist” before then leading the group proudly in the iconic song.

Markey joined with Senator Bernie Sanders (VT), and Dem “Squad” members Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY), and Democrat Cori Bush (MO). Since last Thursday, the “Squad” has protested the cancellation of the moratorium by camping out on the Capitol steps.

Conservative reporters as Markey introduced “This Land Is Your Land”:

“A good socialist, who created a good song, which many folks believe is the anthem for our nation, but it was created by a socialist? Back in the 30s. The guy was a communist and socialist. Guthrie was a radical. And the song is “This Land Is Your Land.” Let’s sing it? Who can start?”

Before the lawmakers could start singing, a policeman interrupted, telling the protesters to gather their belongings and not let them go unattended.

In 2009, Bruce Springsteen and Pete Seeger sang the song for then-President Obama’s inauguration.

The Democrats Socialists of America also supported the song’s radical lyrics: “The writer was a fellow traveler with the Communists … For Guthrie, true patriotism was celebrating communities and workers.”

Markey has made news headlines in the past for his extreme remarks.

In Sept. 2020, it was reported that the Mass. senator “wanted to ‘disarm’ police of ‘weapons of war’ and demanded a national ban on some nonlethal types of protection, including using tear gas.”

In Nov. 2020, he said that “the truth about Thanksgiving” was “atrocities done against Native Americans.”

As Democrats move forward with their communist and anti-white agenda, they are getting more bold in their true goals. To install a communist government in America and the world that directly targets white people in every way possible. Sooner or later, these objectives will no longer be denied by Democrats, and instead will be celebrated and flaunted. As is the case with this bizarre sing-along.

Author: Scott Dowdy