Watch: Tucker Carlson Exposes Deep State With Bombshell Video Evidence


Primetime conservative host Tucker Carlson’s new documentary called Patriot Purge, which tells the true story of the Jan. 6 Election Integrity protest, has been aired even with a concerted effort by Deep State agents and corrupt media officials to censor the documentary. The three-part tv series is available now to be streamed without charge on

Promotional materials make it certain that the film goes against the Right vs. Left political organization, because it goes after the Bush White House and the Republican-led “War on Terror” efforts. It also hints at details that might finally convince mainstream audiences that protesters who went into the United States Capitol — whom the police ALLOWED in — were encouraged to take part in a false flag operation organized by federal inside informants and other “Glowies” hiding within the protesting crowd.

As we have reported, Robert Mueller was formally reviewed for his FBI’s militia “Hoax” in Tennessee, which has handed prosecutors the legal precedent to prosecute one January 6 protester for a rare gun charge. Other January 6 protesters currently kept inside a D.C. jail are being abused with mental and physical torture that would alarm most of humanity. Here is the trailer for Tucker’s new documentary:

Various Deep State agents and supporters have condemned Tucker Carlson’s new documentary before it even aired, including Anderson Cooper from CNN, a part of the slaveowning Vanderbilt family, and Dem Congressman Eric Swalwell, who is known for his connection to a suspected Chinese spy with the name Fang Fang.

The ADL has also shown their anger with Tucker’s truth-telling documentary. Liz Cheney, a RINO congresswoman, attempted to suppress the film by criticizing Rupert Murdoch and Fox for giving it a “platform.” Tucker Carlson has directly exposed Liz Cheney and Swalwell on his Fox News show in recent days.

This comes at a time when the Biden White House has surprisingly expanded their targeting of Americans from the January 6th protestors to angry parents across the country. This alone proves that Democrats are going above and beyond what might be needed to maintain security, and actively waging war against conservatives.

Author: Scott Dowdy