White People Blocked From Covid Treatments, Yes Really

If you have COVID and are seeking a potentially life-saving monoclonal antibody treatment, you may get sent home if you are white.According to an FDA fact sheet about the emergency use authorization (EUA) for sotrovimab, a monoclonal antibody is effective at dealing with the omicron variant, minorities might qualify for it and other treatments faster because “race and ethnicity” could be considered to decide whether a person is considered “higher risk.”

The EUA cites older age, pregnancy, obesity, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and other medical problems that “could put adults and children (12 to 17 years old weighing at least 40 kg) at greater risk for progression to severe coronavirus,” before stressing that “Other medical problems are factors (for example ethnicity) could also put people at high risk for severe COVID-19.”

Some states now specifically prioritizing non-white people. New York, for example, is doing so because of “longstanding social inequities and systemic health.”

“Non-white ethnicity should be considered a risk factor, as systemic social inequities have led to an increased risk of illness and even death from COVID-19,” a NY Dept. of Health memo published last week says.

The state of Utah also factored race into how they gave out monoclonal antibodies. According to guidelines in the state, “non-white race or Hispanic ethnicity” people get two additional points when calculating their “Coronavirus risk score.”

Framework by Minnesota also says that health care professionals to “think of heightened risk of progression to severe coronavirus associated with ethnicity and race when deciding eligibility” for monoclonal antibody treatments.

“FDA’s acknowledgment means that ethnicity and race alone, apart from other underlying health problems, could be considered in deciding eligibility for mAbs,” the Minnesota guidelines say. “It is ethically right to consider ethnicity and race in mAb eligibility decisions when data reveals elevated risk of bad COVID-19 outcomes for Black or other people of color, and that this risk cannot be dealt with by deciding eligibility based on health conditions.”

This is hardly the first time the Biden White House has embraced anti-white discrimination. Last year, a federal judge said that Joe Biden’s $29 billion restaurant relief illegally discriminated against white males by pushing applications from women and non-white ahead. A judge also stopped Biden’s COVID relief program for farmers that stopped white farmers from getting the relief payments.

Author: Blake Ambrose