You Won’t Believe How Trump Is Connected To The Alec Baldwin Shooting


Liberal science publisher Johannes Velterop, who is among the few with a verified Twitter account, posed without any evidence this Friday that a Trump supporter secretly put live ammo in the prop gun the actor Alec Baldwin used to shoot two people on the set of “Rust,” killing the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and then wounding the director Joel Souza.

His conspiracy theory says a Trump supporter wanting revenge on Baldwin for picking fun of Trump on “SNL.” Again, there was no evidence for the wild theory.

“Maybe the prop gun was secretly filled with real bullets by a Donald Trump supporter, to hurt Alec Baldwin for his SNL parodies?” asked Velterop. “Should be a line of investigation.”

After push-back online, Velterop doubled-down and said Trump supporters were not liking his no-evidence theory because it was “too close to the bone.”

“Why are only MAGA-types vehemently dismissing this as a possible cause?” he said. “Too close to the bone?”

“I do hope this was only an accident, but it is America after all,” Velterop said.

It seems that the conspiracy theories were flagged by people on the social media platform, but Twitter of course sided with Velterop, saying that his post “is not subject to removal under Twitter guidelines.”

The prop gun that Baldwin used was given to him by a member of the crew who came under a 2019 safety complaint.

“Maggie Goll, who is licensed pyrotechnician, said in a comment that she filed a complaint with the former producers of the ‘Into the Dark’ series over worries about assistant director Dave Halls’ actions on the set. Goll said during an interview that Halls ignored safety rules for pyrotechnics and weapons and tried to keep filming after the lead pyrotechnician lost consciousness,” The AP reported.

“Goll said that Hall went around safety meetings, routinely would not tell crew that there was a gun on the set, and dismissed actors many times before they returned their guns to the props area,” The Daily Wire reported.

The hate for Trump supporters among the left is ever-present. Even reaching into places that surprise normal Americans. This is yet another example of that hate.

Author: Blake Ambrose