Are You Vaccinated? If Not, You May Lose Your Children


Former Obama White House Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said this Tuesday on CNN that people who have not gotten the covid-19 vaccine should not be allowed to have access to children and be restricted on where they can go.

Sebelius said, “We are in the situation where we have a very good vaccine, numerous choices, free of charge, and we have people who are just saying they won’t take it. I believe it is time to say to these people, it is fine if you do not choose to get vaccinated. You can not go to work. You can not have access to a situation where you will put my grandchildren in harms way. Where you might end their life, or you might place them in a situation where they will carry the virus to a person in a high-risk position.”

She went on, “That is, I believe the place where we are, having freedom is one issue, but having freedom when you hurt others such as secondhand smoke and topics that we have dealt with in the past. For example, you cannot drive drunk. You can drink, but you cannot drive drunk because you can hurt other people. You cannot smoke inside of a public area where you can cause someone else to get cancer even though they were never a smoker.”

Sebelius said, “So I believe we are getting to the point in this country where those people who are vaccinated, I want to remove my mask. I want to live my life with my vaccination, and right now, I am being held back by people who will not get vaccinated. It’s fine. I want them to get a limitation on where they can go and possibly infect.”

This comes after President Biden failed to meet his previous vaccination goal of 70 percent of Americans by July 4th. It also comes as a stream of reports come out about the vaccine’s possible side effects and long-term consequences.

Democrats only want one thing: compliance. They want power over America to enforce their envisioned future multi-cultural utopia. Which, if you remember the riots of 2020 and before, is nothing but a dream that will end in America’s destruction.

Author: Blake Ambrose