Biden Hammered From All Sides As America Reaches Its Breaking Point


President Biden’s approval number has gone down under a year into his White House as his team struggles to get a grip on the multiple crises.

Biden’s approval is now 15 points under, according to a new Quinnipiac University survey published this week. The poll, with an error margin of 2.7 points, is based on a survey of 1,326 United States adults taken from Oct. 1-4.

“Battered on trust and doubts on his leadership, and challenged for competency, President Joe Biden is getting hammered on all sides as his approval numbers continue to go down to a number not seen since the strict scrutiny of the Trump White House,” Quinnipiac University polling leader Tim Malloy said in a comment.

Biden’s number measured 38% approval versus 53% disapproval, the worst he has gotten since taking office in Jan. Biden’s overall disapproval has almost doubled since the last time Quinnipiac did the survey putting his approval numbers at 42% to 50%.

On the Biden White House’s overall competency, American citizens say that Biden is incompetent by a margin of 55% compared to 42%.

The poll is yet another bad sign for the president and other Democrats as the midterms get closer. Biden’s bad approval rating comes after other bad news for Democrats; $300-per-child checks from the government sent to parents have not had the expected effect on voters. According to Politico:

“Democrats who believed the monthly $300-per-child checks from the federal government sent to families would be a winner during the midterms will not like the findings of our new poll with Morning Consult. Less than half of people, 47%, gave the Democrats credit for giving the extra cash, and even less, 38%, credited President Biden personally. While half of voters supported the expanded payments (vs. 38% in opposition), just 35% want to make the payments permanent — an idea that Democrats in Congress are talking about at the moment. The payments will expire next year.”

Biden’s White House stay has turned into a complete disaster for the country, and now it seems evident that his presidency is also a disaster for the Democrats themselves.

Author: Steven Sinclaire