Breaking: New Emails Reveal How Biden Is Spreading Coronavirus


Exclusive internal emails from the (DHS) were analyzed by Breitbart News and show that the organization continues to willfully let border crossers and illegal immigrants who have tested positive for COVID into the country.

Over a year after Biden’s DHS was originally charged with intentionally releasing border crossers and illegal immigrants who tested positive for COVID into the interior of the United States as part of its extensive catch and release program, the department is still being accused of doing so.

According to confidential communications between Border Patrol (BP) personnel, border crossers and illegal immigrants have recently been screened for the Chinese coronavirus and then released into Arizona after testing positive.

Five female illegal immigrants, at least some of whom tested positive for COVID on July 26, were taken by bus from DHS detention to the Monte Vista Church, according to an email:

Please be sure you follow all safety instructions, which include donning gloves, mask, hand sanitizer, and all other PPE you deem necessary.The NGO will already be serviced by Yuma BP since they are COVID+, thus this bus won’t stop at PHO ERO on the way there.

Breitbart News-affiliated sources claim that when border crossers and illegal immigrants test positive for coronavirus, Biden’s DHS genuinely does not deport them.

In one of those instances, a husband and wife had crossed the border into the United States from Mexico and were placed in DHS custody. The husband did not test positive for the coronavirus, but the woman did. The COVID-positive woman was thereby permitted to remain in the country while her COVID-negative husband was deported, despite the fact that both were eligible for Title 42 deportation.

In a statement with Breitbart News, a Customs and CBP official claimed the organization “provides migrants with PPE from the time they are taken into custody, and the migrants are obliged to have masks on at all times, even when they are being transferred or they are in the process of being released.”

The representative went on to say

“Anyone in CBP custody who displays symptoms of a disease is directed to the local healthcare system for the necessary testing, diagnosis, and care. CBP takes seriously its obligation to stop the spread of contagious illnesses. We respect the efforts of the local community partners whose work is crucial to transferring people out of CBP/USBP custody safely and into the proper immigration channel.”

The information surfaced after Biden and his senior DHS officials dodged inquiries last year on the agency’s ostensibly standard procedure of releasing border crossers and illegal immigrants into American neighborhoods despite testing positive for COVID.

Author: Scott Dowdy