CDC Director’s Family Accidentally Reveals The Truth About Coronavirus


If most liberals did not have double standards, they would not have any standards.

As we have witnessed numerous times through the past year, Dems are fast to force everyone else to comply with coronavirus restrictions but are equally fast to break these same rules whenever they want to.

Democrats have done so much to flip their own narrative about the seriousness of the coronavirus outbreak.

When Dr. Rochelle Walensky took the lead at the CDC as Director in January, having been recommended by Dr. Fauci, she essentially instantly started to give doom and gloom predictions about COVID-19.

But as you might expect, hypocrisy reigns with Democrats.

Walensk’s husband, Loren Walensky, is a pediatric oncologist from Boston and has an impressive career in efforts to save children from cancer. He should be applauded for this. The problem starts when it seems as though he is not convinced about this doom and gloom which is spread by his wife, the CDC Director.

Twice over the previous two months, Loren Walensky was seen going to events without a mask, including to a student party in June.

A look at Loren Walensky’s Twitter feed reveals that he has little fear of being without a mask at public events. On June 10th, he posted a picture of several maskless students well inside the 6-foot rule. Additionally, it can only be thought that these students are all from different individual households, further showing the hypocrisy.

A few days after this, on June 27th, Walensky was spotted maskless at a baseball game.

Reporting these events is not to say that Dr. Loren Walensky does not have the right to do things or that he should mask up. We are wondering why Director Walensky believes she can give dictates about people’s bodies as her husband does what he wants and lives his life as we all want to.

This same person is a medical doctor who understands the risks first hand, yet wants to live his life free of the fear that his wife and the Biden White House are trying to sow in the population. Maybe we should all notice their actions, and not their fearmongering words.

Author: Blake Ambrose