Cruz Reveals The Truth About Biden’s Top Gun Grabber


Yesterday, Republican Senator Ted Cruz (TX) blasted Biden’s ATF nominee, David Chipman, on the Senate floor.

Cruz drove into Chipman over the new allegations that he issued racist remarks about certain Black ATF officials and that he did not reveal to the Senate that went on a Chinese state TV station to disparage “gun violence” inside America.

Cruz and ten more GOP senators are now demanding new hearings to ask Chipman about these new allegations, but the Dem chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee is not allowing this because he backs Chipman, no matter how terrible a nominee he is.

“It seems that Senate Democrats do not care about racist remarks made by a supervisor. They do not care if he led a hostile work environment,” Cruz said.

“Now, he must have a defense about this,” Cruz said. “But we won’t know it because this committee will not be bothered to ask him. So what this committee is doing is saying that allegations of racism, if you’re a Democrat, is no problem at all.”

“Did Chipman know that he would be on a communist TV show?” Cruz said. “Did he understand it would be propaganda to attack America? Did he understand it would be used to cover up the communist atrocities in China?”

“We will not know. This committee has not had the chance to ask them. And what the committee leadership is reporting is that they don’t care. It does not matter. Truth does not matter.”

Biden’s stinker of a nominee was already known to be a problem. This guy has extremist views against guns; how he was a lobbyist for anti-gun organization. But he just added another layer of scumminess with these new allegations. Durbin does not want another hearing because he and other Democrats know that Cruz would question him and his answers could further destroy Durbin.

Cruz and Republicans are doing a great job revealing all the facts on Chipman. Now, as we showed, there are Democrats who also don’t like Chipman — who have not made up their minds yet. Independent Senator Angus King (ME), who caucuses with Dems, has said that he does not support Chipman. Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (WV) is also not convinced about Chipman. Given the split Senate, Democrats need everyone in line to get Chipman passed.

Author: Blake Ambrose