Deja Vu: Democrats Just Stole Another Critical Election


Removed Democrat State Senate President Steve Sweeney is now refusing to concede his election to GOP truck driver Edward Durr, saying that 12,000 fresh ballots have mysteriously been discovered and must be added to the numbers.

Sweeney lost by more than 2,000 votes just last week to Durr, who ran on a bare-bones, stealth campaign that shocked the political world. The race has been said to be a symbol of the nation’s rejection of Democrats.

Though the AP has called the race for Durr, Sweeney states he can still win given the supposedly missing ballots. The Philadelphia Inquirer said:

“In a comment Thursday, Sweeney would not concede.”

“The results from this election are continuing to be reported, for example there were around 12,000 ballots just discovered in one county,” he said. “While I am now trailing in the election, we want to ensure every vote is counted. American voters deserve this, and we will wait for the complete results.”

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA) said to a GOP Jewish Coalition conference this Saturday that Durr’s win was great news, though he joked about the “bad news” being that “in Biden’s America, we just lost yet another truck driver.”

Durr’s previous social media history has now come under scrutiny since his win. According to the NJ Globe, he has apologized for an anti-Muslim tweet he made in 2019 which he said Islam was a “false religion” and that Muhammad was a “pedophile.”

“I support everyone’s right to worship in any manner they want and to worship the God they want,” Durr said during his apology. “I support everybody’s rights. That is what I am here, to work for the people and support American freedom.”

This comes during a time when Democrats are losing coast to coast in numerous elections. With Americans fed up with inflation, anti-white CRT training in schools, forced vaccinations and shortages of even essential goods nationwide. An unknown truck driver winning an election in a blue state is a sign that should terrify Democrats leading into the midterms and beyond into the 2024 race.

Author: Scott Dowdy