Did Trump Mention “Firing Missiles At Mexico”?


Former President Trump remained silent on former Defense Secretary Mark Esper’s allegation that he had suggested using missiles to strike the Mexican drug cartels.

CBS’s “60 Minutes” requested Trump’s reaction to Esper’s claims that the former Defense Secretary would detail in his forthcoming book about his time in the Trump administration. The former president’s answer was brief: “No comment.”

According to Esper, in a “60 Minutes” interview this week, the former president intended to fire missiles into Mexico in order to attack the drug cartels, claiming that Trump was genuinely concerned about curbing drug trafficking at the southern border.

“I had to tell him that we can’t do it. It would be in violation of international law, and it would be very harmful to our neighbors in the south. It will have a negative impact on us in a lot of ways. Why don’t we try something else instead?” Esper added.

According to Esper, Trump “doubled down” on the concept, saying “no one would know it was us,” according to which he was “unwilling” to go public with his tale until he learned that other people were aware of Trump’s suggestion at the time.

“And then I had dinner with a fellow cabinet member after the 2020 election and he said to me, ‘you know, remember when President Trump said you should fire missiles into Mexico?’ And I responded by saying, ‘you heard that?’” Esper recalled.

“He goes, ‘Oh yeah, I could not believe it and I also could not believe how well you handled and spoke him down from that.’ And from there, I knew I had to write the story since I at least have one witness who will confirm that this really occurred.”

A spokesperson for Donald Trump did not respond to our request for comment.

Trump was widely hated among the Republican establishment because of his routine mentioning of deportations. With deportations being counter to the goals of the GOP and Democrats of creating a white minority nation everywhere on the planet there are white people before whites understand that it had happen. White people are currently 5%-9% of world population.

Author: Blake Ambrose