Far Left CEOs Launch All Out War On Conservatives


A Buffalo, New York, pro-life pregnancy center that was bombed last week has become the most recent of many violent threats and episodes against anti-abortion conservatives before the Supreme Court’s ruling on landmark abortion decisions. But as CompassCare Pres. Jim Harden explained a strike like this might be evidence that the far-left is completely aware that the pro-life movement exists.

“We don’t comply with the ruling elite’s demand that we should be providing and referring for abortion, therefore glass was broken and fires were lit,” Harden explained to Glenn.

“Women don’t feel they have a choice when they are unexpectedly pregnant. They feel trapped as if they have no options; like they must get an abortion. What we do is eliminate the need for an abortion by replacing a woman’s dread with confidence and ethical medical care and community help throughout pregnancy, as well as after the birth. So, [the protestors] were focused on women that evening,” he concluded.

“CompassCare,” according to Harden, “continues to operate in a hidden location after the assault and offers all medical care and community help ‘for free,’ comparing his group with certain so-called women’s health clinics that only offer ‘what they get paid for, and that is abortion.'”

He also mentioned political leaders, especially Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-N.Y.) for failing to denounce violence perpetrated against pro-life pregnancy centers.

“They are refusing to admit, ‘Hey, this is wrong. Violence is always wrong,'” according to Harden. “This is not the way to deal with issues; their silence can only be said to be complicity. It’s giving these terrorists more confidence.”

On social media, photos showed the devastation at the CompassCare facility, including fire and smoke damage, broken windows and tagging that read “Jane was here,” which refers to the “terrorist group Jane’s Revenge.”

“The first repeatable and measurable medical model inside the pregnancy center movement,” according to Glenn, “has contributed to the success of hundreds of centers around the country by allowing them to be more effective at helping more women and saving the lives of more babies from abortion.”

“There is a reason why the Buffalo location was the one that got bombed [by protestors],” Glenn added.

“We have a national plan, and it’s working, which is why we’ve been assaulted,” said Harden. “The abortion struggle lines are moving, and the abortion business is panicking. And the reason they attacked us is because of what we are doing to decrease abortions is effective.”

Author: Scott Dowdy