Joe Biden Just Publicly Sentenced Conservatives To Die


The Florida Dept. of Health announced this week that the U.S. FDA made a “decision to stop the emergency use authorization for monoclonal antibodies,” which essentially stopped treatment sites statewide.

The FDA said in its public comment that it is removing this authorization because the treatments “are highly unlikely to be useful against the omicron variant.”

“Florida disagrees with this decision that blocks access to available treatments in the absence of clinical evidence,” the Florida Health Dept. blasted in a media release. “To date, this evidence was not given by the United States FDA.”

“In the future, if people in certain places are likely to get infected to a variant that is vulnerable to these treatments, then these treatments might be authorized in these areas,” the FDA statement says.

Back in Sept., Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis obtained more doses of the possibly lifesaving treatment even with Biden taking control of this treatment and then lowering Florida’s needed supply.

The Biden White House announced in Sept. that they would ration the supply of the treatment, effectively reducing the supply from coronavirus-positive people in the red-state of Florida.

The move was made to supposedly limit possible shortages in other places, even though there are no signs of shortages. The takeover was well criticized and was said to be an act of “partisan revenge” by GOP Senator Marco Rubio (FL).

“Antibody treatments are not a substitute for vaccines. But they have prevented thousands of hospitalizations including for breakthrough cases,” Rubio said via Twitter. “Now in a move that seems like partisan payback against red states, the Biden White House is rationing these vital treatments.”

Notably, the effective treatment was underutilized, as stressed in a detailed report in September. The White House, ironically, was criticized for not promoting the treatment and for getting far fewer Americans than they should have just weeks before Joe Biden announced his move to takeover the treatment.

The FDA’s ruling to remove emergency use authorization was slammed online.

“The FDA is attempting to make it so that those in Florida die of Covid,” charged Mike Cernovich. “They will kill people to harm conservatives. Steel yourselves for the evil that will be unleashed.”

Author: Scott Dowdy