Liberal Media Humiliates Biden In Front Of The Whole Nation

CNN is a big mess. The network has lost 90 percent of its viewers over the last year, showing that they are in free fall.

They have had numerous scandals, with Chris Cuomo getting canned after it was discovered that he was more involved in defending his brother over his sexual harassment problems. They also had producers who have been arrested for alleged sexual offenses, some of which involved children.

But the issue is that their news stories have just been mainly propaganda for the Dem party, and everyone knows it.

So, when they start reporting some real news that really reflects the Dem party and/or Pres. Joe Biden, people notice since it is a signal of how obvious the issue has become.

They broadcast an incredibly honest and brutal assessment of Pres. Biden on Anderson Cooper’s show. The assessment provided by Scott Jennings. It is still astounding it has made it on air and was not edited out, given CNN’s history.

“The nice old man who claimed to be a moderate and just wanted to help everyone get along and compromise isn’t what we have got over the last year,” Jennings explains. “He doesn’t have a mandate, really, to do a lot of anything,”

The only mandate was: “Do not do anything stupid or drastic,” Jennings stated, “yet everything about this agenda is very drastic. And he has been angrier than I believe people thought he would be, he has been more divisive, he has been more partisan. You look at the problems. We built five years of coverage on Donald Trump out of Russia, COVID-19, and democracy. The president, in his press conference, basically invites Russia to attack Ukraine. We have more COVID-19 deaths under Pres. Biden than we had under Trump. And now we have the pres. and the vice pres. question the legitimacy of the upcoming 2022 election? Are we really any better off on these key issues that we crucified Donald Trump over?”

Jennings finishes Pres. Biden off by highlighting a recent poll that said only 28 percent wanted Pres. Joe Biden to run for office again and less than half of Dems, “This is a total disaster.”

Perhaps one of the most surprising things about the segment is that they just allow Jennings to keep going. Cooper did not, in any way, make him stop or try to cut him off.

Again, you know how bad it has become when it makes it onto CNN. What is also fascinating, in addition to the hit on Joe Biden, is how Jennings admits the efforts of the media against Pres. Donald Trump.

We have seen more honesty coming from CNN recently, and perhaps that is the efforts of the newest owner to bring CNN back to their media roots, given what a big disaster the last year has been.

But you also have to think about when we see things like this if they are setting up for the move away from Joe Biden, to whoever they may want to ultimately push for president in 2024 instead.

Author: Blake Ambrose