Liberals Remove Man From Airliner For His Conservative Mask Design


Allegiant Airlines is the 14th biggest airline in America today. I do not know if that places it below or above Spirit as a human cargo carrier, but I am pretty sure that Allegiant comes in ranked in the top tier of all carriers that employ lying, humorless drones.

A man was booted off his flight for having a mask on his face that said:

“Let’s Go, Brandon”

As reported by Allegiant, the man was kicked off for being “unruly.” No, he was not.

The spokesperson has stated:

“The video that is in question depicts only part of an incident that involved a passenger who had failed to comply with the crew member’s repeated requests to adhere the Federal face mask policies,”

I have checked what the CDC guidelines are. What’s on the forbidden list are:

The following don’t fulfill the requirements of the Order.

  • Masks worn in a type of way that doesn’t cover both the nose and mouth
  • Goggles or Face shields (goggles or face shields can be worn to support a mask that meets the above required attributes)
  • Ski masks, scarves, bandannas or balaclavas
  • Sweater collars or Shirts (e.g., any turtleneck collars) pulled up over the nose and mouth.
  • Masks that are made from knitted or loosely woven fabric, i.e., fabrics that allow light to pass through
  • Masks that are made from materials that make it hard to breathe through (like vinyl, leather or plastic)
  • Masks that contain slits, punctures or exhalation valves
  • Masks that don’t fit properly (too tight or too loose, large gaps)

Oddly, there isn’t a “Let’s Go Brandon” mask on this forbidden list.

Allegiant has not only claimed the man was being unruly but that he also failed to follow instructions. That is a lie. Watch the video and see for yourself. He is very respectful. He never raised his voice. The drones just did not like the message that was on his face mask.

Warning: the text below has coarse language

I was on a flight recently. The woman across from me had a wristband on that said: “F*ck Trump.” Sure, it wasn’t on her face, and she, fortunately, had her face covered and pointed away from me for most of the flight. But I had noticed the band that was on her wrist the second she took her seat.

To sum this up: “Let’s Go, Brandon.” Not allowed.

“F*ck Trump.” Cool.

One last note. When the man respectfully and quietly gets up to leave, you can barely even see where “Let’s Go, Brandon” was written. It is on the top-left of his face mask. It’s tiny.

About the size of the writing on a wristband. So weird.

Author: Steven Sinclaire