Liberals Target Debit Cards For Instant Shutdowns (If You Buy This)


Major credit card providers are being urged to identify transactions of firearms and ammo by Gabby Giffords’ gun control organization, Giffords.

“The perpetrators in at least 5 mass shootings have stocked up firearms & ammo using credit cards and murdered 145 people,” Giffords wrote in a tweet on Sunday. “The ability to identify questionable purchases and save lives is provided by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Ask them to take action.”

The tweet contained a link to a project run by GunsDownAmerica, another organization dedicated to gun control.

According to the GunsDownAmerica campaign, between 2007 and 2020, at least five significant mass shootings involved gunmen who paid for their bloody rampages with credit cards. These people took use of the banking system to buy a lot of weapons and ammunition, but the financial sector has the capacity to stop them.

In some of the instances highlighted by GunsDownAmerica, the attackers acquired their weapons and ammo over the course of a year as opposed to only a few days or weeks.

GunsDownAmerica urges major credit card companies to cease classifying sales of firearms and firearm-related items as “sporting goods” and instead create a separate category for purchases of firearms and ammunition that can be closely inspected.

In 2018, gun control advocates ran a similar campaign in an effort to persuade credit card firms to sever their relationships with manufacturers of semi-automatic rifles.

Breitbart News reported on March 9, 2018, that Visa declined to give in to the pressure, stating that it is not the responsibility of the payment card firm to “[put] limits on the sale of authorized products and services.”

Democrats are afraid of an armed populace, which is why they support gun regulation. They feel the need to control the people because they don’t trust them. The Democrats are infringing on the Second Amendment’s explicit aim to defend the right of the people to keep and bear weapons.

Both sides of the gun control issue have strong opinions and have been at odds for a long time.

Author: Blake Ambrose