MAGA Lawmaker Destroys War-Mongering Rinos And Liberals



Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was resisting a big spending package that passed the House this week. If it passes the Senate, where Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has stated that he will “move swiftly” to provide more foreign aid, it will cost Americans an extra $40 billion and give Ukraine another $40 billion at their expense.

Despite the fact that it received support from just 57 Republicans in the House, Greene has sounded an alarm over its numerous harmful components. To send to Biden’s desk, Senate Republicans will have to sign off on a spending package totaling $40 billion for Ukraine when the United States already owes $28 trillion in debt.

Greene addressed her criticism while walking through Washington, D.C.:

“We’re back in session this week. And you know what Congress has in mind? They intend to send nearly $40 billion to Ukraine, while American moms can’t find baby formula, and as our border is being completely invaded every day and fentanyl is flooding across the country. However, according to Congress, it’s their duty to spend your hard-earned tax money on Ukraine.”

She notified Americans on Twitter about the legislation. One crucial component of the bill she focused on was a $900 million grant to nonprofits and other groups that are “qualified,” which she says will most likely be given to “friends and family of politicians” who would be paid handsomely to provide a variety of pricey services for immigrants that so many American citizens are in need of.

Greene added that the bill also provides money to the CIA “for who knows what and how much?” 

At the expense of Americans, our government and media have increasingly supported Ukraine. While inflation batters residents across the nation, billions in funding and military hardware have been sent to a money-laundering operation that is familiar to most Americans as Ukraine.
Author: Scott Dowdy