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MAGA Lawmaker Mocks RINOs, Issues This 2024 Truth


On Saturday afternoon, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) spoke to CPAC Texas about his vision for America’s national renewal.

“I’m a man from Florida, and a America First fighter, and I’m thrilled to be Nancy Pelosi’s biggest nightmare in the US House of Representatives,” Gaetz declared at the start of his speech.

He explained how being a “woketopian” in America these days must be “exhausting,” and he ridiculed the leftist idea of “privilege.”

“We are honored to be standing here as proud Americans,” he continued. “This is the greatest nation on Earth, and we will not ever listen to a socialist politician or a celebrity brat or an athlete who tells us otherwise… We are bound together by one unique American advantage that makes us feel proud and powerful and wealthy.”

“We’ve got folks in office now who want us to believe a completely distorted version of reality. They want you to think that increasing spending by $400 billion in the anti-inflation bill will solve inflation, when all of the most reliable research says it will only make things worse,” Gaetz continued.

Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida denounced his Democratic opponents for lying about the recession, wiping out the economy, and having a high level of dislike for Americans. But to truly restore America to her former glory, Republicans must provide a better option worth supporting.

“I’m aware that the tide is turning. I am certain that after the upcoming elections, we will take power, but I won’t want to win by default or by dissolution. I want to be deserving of success. I must ensure that we communicate with the people the facts correctly,” Gaetz added.

“The fact is that we are being invaded at our southern border, and it’s not enough to only finish the wall. We must expel all persons who are illegally in our country,” he concluded.

“The fact is that the vaccine policy has not made our military any stronger, but it has weakened our nation. We have to take on big tech. The truth is we must ensure that the American narrative does not conclude with a president like Joe Biden,” Gaetz concluded.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) presented his “vision” for the Republican Party, in which RINOs such as Paul Ryan and Liz Cheney are no longer in command. He was quite satisfied that Trump is the face of the GOP, and he intends to keep it that way.

“This is Donald Trump’s party, and I’m grateful to be a member of the Donald Trump Republican Party!” Gaetz exclaimed.

Author: Scott Dowdy