New Discovery At The Southern Border Makes Everyone Squirm


United States Border Patrol agents in Arizona report they arrested an immigrant who came into the country illegally this week. During the background check they did, agents discovered the man had previous felony convictions for incest and first-degree child rape.

Chris T. Clem, the region’s top Patrol Agent, said via Twitter that Edgar Antonio Gutierrez-Martinez was turned over to the United States Marshals to be prosecuted. He tweeted a picture of the convict (whose felony convictions led to no punishment) after his arrest.

The arrest is another sign of the huge systemic issues with the Biden Administration’s open border agenda, especially given the overflowing number of people who illegally come into the United States without getting caught.

As said in past interviews by former Border Patrol leader Rodney Scott, statistically many of the apprehensions are of possible terrorists, rapists, murderers, smugglers and MS-13 gang members who usually are guilty of all of those offenses. Scott was removed by President Biden after 30 years in the service, ostensibly since he believes in real border security.

There were 9,278 arrests of criminal illegals in fiscal year 2021, until the end of Aug., compared to 2,438 in 2020 and 4,269 in 2019.

The State Dept. recently said to the Associated Press that 11,411 refugees were allowed into the U.S. during the budget year that ended this Thursday. That was under the previous low — 11,814 last year – and far under the 62,500 ceiling that President Biden had set back in May.

That amount of refugees did not include the Afghans brought into the country which Biden allowed in without a full vetting process.

It is also not clear whether or not total refugee number also included the thousands of Haitians who were transported quickly by federal forces after having been encamped in an African style shanty town under a bridge in Texas.

In August, former Trump media secretary Kayleigh McEnany questioned the performance of the VP who was put in charge of the southern border by Biden.

“Where is Kamala? She said this was a human catastrophe during the Trump White House. Where is she now? Where is the media? Where are the open-border supporters? Where are the Democrats who showed crocodile tears back in 2019?” she asked.

Author: Steven Sinclaire