Pelosi Slips — Reveals What The ‘Jan 6’ Commission Is Really Up To


If you did not already understand that a “January 6 Commission” controlled by Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was planned to be a partisan strategy and witch hunt, Pelosi just removed all doubt about it with her recent move.

Pelosi had made Democratic choices to her Commission including Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY), so you already can predict how biased it will be, stacked with anti-Trump lawmakers.

It was already tilted, with Democrats getting eight choices for members and the GOP just getting five.

But when conservatives announced their choice of lawmakers for the Commission, Pelosi refused two of them: Congressmen Jim Banks (R-IN) and Jim Jordan (R-OH).

In a comment, Pelosi repeated the lie that the three-hour January 6 was the worst attack on our Democracy since America’s Civil War. She then delivered the following reason for refusing the two Republicans.

“With respect to the integrity of this investigation, with an insistence on truth and concerning comments and actions took by these lawmakers, I must refuse the recommendations of Congressmen Banks and Jordan to the Select Committee.”

“The unprecedented nature of this investigation demands this decision.”

Could there be more proof that she only wants a partisan investigation? She just proved this in spades. Rep. Jordan also made it certain that if he got on the panel he would question Pelosi about lacking security of that day. Apparently, that is not something that Pelosi wishes to discuss.

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA) is hitting back now. He has announced he will pull all the GOP appointees from the Commission unless she allows the two people she is objecting to.

“Unless Speaker Pelosi reverses her course and allows all five GOP nominees.” McCarthy said, “Republicans will not be a part of this sham investigation and will instead attempt their own investigation of the facts.” He also said Pelosi’s actions were an “abuse of power.”

Pelosi could have just delivered the Republicans a big gift. Republicans were saying that the investigation is a sham, now this removes all doubt that they are right.

Author: Scott Dowdy