Protests Explode Worldwide As Vaccine Mandates Go Into Effect


Police have crashed with protesters in Italy after an anti-forced vaccination protest broke out into violence. Italy has planned to create its “Green Pass” in one week, which prompted thousands of Italian citizens to protest the government this Saturday.

The Green Pass would be one of the strictest vaccine mandates in the world. Italians who don’t have proof of vaccination, past infection or a negative test will not be allowed to go to work.

The protesters became frenzied as police attempted to stop them from marching. Water cannons were then used on citizens and a number of others were arrested.

Italy was not alone with citizens being enraged by their government enforcing vaccinations. Neighboring Slovenia saw thousands descend on the capital from all over the nation to protest the mandates.

While not as strict as the Italian mandate, all Slovenians were forced to either prove their vaccine status or have a negative test at personal expense to go to work at state run companies. The protest coincided with a EU summit happening in the Capital, which caused police to stop 30 buses from coming into the city with protesters from all over the country.

Helicopters were closely watching the event, but police still fired tear gas at people as they attempted to march peacefully. Protesters demanded that “corona fascism” stop in their country, which has the lowest vaccine rate in Europe at only 48 percent.

Europe is not exclusive with its protests against the mandates. In NY City, the most populated in the U.S., protests against the city’s pass have been going on for weeks.

The protests have brought in thousands of people and the most recent was not any different. New Yorkers have been asking for the freedom to decide whether to get the vaccine or not.

In NY, Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) has pushed through the largest mandate for vaccines in the United States. He has forced people to prove vaccination to go to restaurants, theaters and bars. There are no exemptions for people with natural immunity or people with religious objections to get the jab.

The protests happening all over the world have the general goal for everyone to have the freedom to make medical decisions without being cast away from making a living.

Author: Blake Ambrose