Texas Governor Outmaneuvers Biden To Protect America


Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott has ordered numerous points of entry at the southern border shut down after thousands of illegals encamped under a bridge while waiting for refugee processing.

“The negligence of the Biden White House in doing their jobs and securing the border is appalling,” read the emergency comment from Abbott.

U.S. Border Protection stated that the shaded area under the Del Rio bridge was being used like a temporary site to “stop injuries from heat-related illness.”

Some estimates put the amount of illegals at around 4,000 this Wednesday, but officials informed Fox News the number have have increased to as much as 8,200 this Thursday.

“I have ordered the Dept. of Public Safety and the National Guard to boost vehicles and personnel to shut down six places of entry at the border to prevent these caravans from flooding into our state,” Abbott continued.

“The border crisis is so dire that the U.S. Border Protection is asking for our help as agents are getting overwhelmed by the ensuing chaos,” Abbott said. “Unlike President Biden, Texas remains committed to protecting our border and guarding Americans.”

Drone video from Fox News revealed border agents attempting to take care of the thousands of migrants.

Telemundo reported that the migrants were from Haiti and they said they were trying to escape from violence, natural disasters and poverty in their home nations. Some alleged they were being abused or extorted for money by Mexican police officials.

The Mayor of Del Rio, Bruno Lozano, reported in a video that there were up to 20,000 more migrants on the way.

Republican Congressman Tony Gonzales (Texas) said to Fox News the situation was getting dangerous and “gut-wrenching.”

“The sheer number of people, it is like getting slammed by a 2×4,” he said. “You believe you are in a third-world nation, and this is the U.S., this is Texas, and there is literally no border — it’s just been walked over.”

Gonzales blamed the Biden White House for doing away with restrictions on refugee applications which were created by the former Trump White House. He said that Haitians took this as a signal to go to the United States to seek entry.

And he warned other cities.

“These people are not staying in Texas,” he said, “they are going to Miami, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, they are going to many neighborhoods and this impacts everybody.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire