This FBI Shakeup Proves Biden Is Corrupt


According to many reports, a top FBI officer who was charged by whistleblowers with impeding a Hunter Biden investigation has left the agency.

According to the Washington Times, Timothy Thibault resigned from his position at the FBI’s Washington Field Office and was spotted being led out of his building on Friday.

It is not yet known whether Thibault, who had worked for the FBI for more than 20 years, was forced to quit or if he departed of his own own. Thibault had been on leave for a month.

According to CBS, Thibault was at retirement age and was being led out as is customary for individuals who depart.

After receiving criticism for a number of whistleblower charges made against him this year, Thibault left the agency.

The accusations originated from the offices of Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA). The two senior Republicans on the House and Senate judiciary committees are Grassley and Jordan.

Grassley demanded documents in a letter he addressed to the FBI and the Justice Dept. in July on how the FBI handled information about Pres. Joe Biden’s troubled son, Hunter Biden.

In the letter, Thibault was named as a suspect. It was noted that “verifiable and verified derogatory evidence on Hunter Biden was wrongly labeled as disinformation” by the FBI and that, in one instance, “an avenue of more derogatory Hunter Biden reporting had been ordered closed” by Thibault.

According to whistleblowers, Thibault and others “subsequently sought to incorrectly designate the subject in FBI systems so that it could not be accessed in the future.”

In May, Grassley first spoke with the FBI and Justice Dept. about Thibault. He was concerned about the anti-Trump political bias that Thibault had shown on his social media while working “in a very sensitive capacity that requires threshold decision-making” in regards to FBI corruption investigations.

Jordan, who has dealt with multiple FBI whistleblower complaints over the last year, also learned about Thibault via an insider.

According to Jordan, the whistleblower said that Thibault “pressured agents” to classify instances as “domestic violent extremism” in order to increase case numbers, which may support the Biden administration’s claim that domestic violent extremism is the “biggest danger” to the United States.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Grassley said that FBI Director Christopher Wray had told him that “Thibault was no longer involved in decision-making over the investigations that the FBI should pursue.”

In a hearing this month, the Iowa Republican also questioned Wray over any possible “political bias” held by Thibault. Wray’s response was, “I want to be careful to not comment at the time on current personnel issues.”

Author: Blake Ambrose