Trump Hints At Planned Executive Order If Re-Elected


At the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit, former President Donald Trump will discuss his planned schedule F executive order, that would allow him to “drain the swamp” by firing corrupt officials, according to remarks prepared ahead of his address to Breitbart News.

“To drain the swamp, we must fire the swamp. With schedule F, I took executive action to allow for the termination of federal workers who are attempting to subvert our democracy in order to promote wokeism and corruption,” according to Trump’s prepared remarks.

“We now need Congress to pass historic changes that would ensure that the President can root out the Deep State and fire any bureaucrat who is corrupt, inept, or unnecessary,” he will state.

One day after an Axios story claimed Trump is prepared to get rid of roughly 50,000 government employees if he wins reelection in 2024, the president will deliver remarks.

As Breitbart News reported:

According to the outlet, if reelected in 2024, Trump plans to reduce about 50,000 administrative state employees in unelected technocrats in the federal government agencies that have a lot of influence over American workers’ policies.

“The term administrative state refers to the situation in which unelected and unaccountable administrative agencies have power to generate and enforce their own regulations.”

The administrative state, through the use of rulemaking, seeks to circumvent the separation of powers between the 3 branches of government by establishing a so-called fourth branch of government that was not established by the Constitution. The administrative state includes almost 2 million federal government employees in federal agencies. Trump has referred to the “swamp” in reference to the administrative state.

The schedule F executive order was signed by Donald Trump before he left office in 2021, but when Joe Biden became president in January 2021, he canceled the order.

At his Turning Point address on Saturday evening, Mr. Trump will also take aim at the “climate crisis fraud.”

“First, we must once and for all put an end to the Climate Crisis Hoax. For decades, the left has made it a religious crusade to terrify and bully young individuals into believing that the world is coming to an end because of climate change—or, in the case of AOC, that the earth will be destroyed in only 12 years. This is a total fabrication.”

He’ll criticize Biden for threatening to declare a national emergency in the purported climate crisis.

In his speech, Trump will say: “This very week, the White House has already threatened to declare a NATIONAL EMERGENCY. But we do not have a CLIMATE Emergency; instead, we have an ENERGY emergency—caused by their climate fanaticism.”

“The pressing danger to future generations is not Global Warming, as we are now seeing. There is no civilization without ample, dependable, and cheap energy.” the president will continue.

Author: Steven Sinclaire