Amazon’s New Payment Method Is A Deep-State Dream


Russell Brand, a famous actor, issued a warning about Amazon’s new palm-based payment method, saying it was taking us one step closer to losing our freedom.

Brand brought up the fact that Whole Foods shops were implementing palm-scanning payment systems, and all you do is “wave of the hand” to pay for goods on the 47-year-old actor’s “Awakening with Russell” program on Monday. The presenter of the “It’s Happening” film discussed the “nefarious nature of big tech” and questioned if this kind of biotechnology is similar to another “snitch” from the organization, which he said had a history of “grabbing your data” and providing it to law enforcement. Here, it begins at exactly 57 minutes.

“More like, move on, freedom,” Brand said. “Applepay is not only a rival in this situation. The notion of liberty is what it is.”

The “mentality underlying these aspirations, behind these advancements, often involves data acquisition, more control for firms like Amazon,” he said.

“When we realize that Amazon has connections to the police state, the CIA, the FBI, and the government and that they have already been found guilty of disclosing data without authorization,” Brand said. “Shouldn’t we be asking whether this is only for our convenience or from the beginning?”

The actor showed clips from different news pieces throughout the performance, with the reporters/anchors repeating the same line about how all it takes to pay for anything is to “wave your hand over the gadget.”

“You just need to see Kylie, there’s a little gadget down here.” In character, the actor spoke. “It’s not as if the Bible expresses the mark of the beast as actually appearing on the palm of your hand or something like that. Don’t worry; just go headfirst into Armageddon without hesitation. Having an apocalypse is handy.”

Before attacking President Joe Biden, he made fun of a reporter who complained about how difficult it was to take a card out of your wallet to pay for stuff.

Russell said sarcastically, “We are not all Joe Biden that can’t do basic, simple operations. “Are we? You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to conceal. Just give Amazon access to all of your data and let them distribute it to anybody they like.”

“Let’s just hope it never comes to the point when people start asking, What are your political beliefs? You have a social credit score. Do you have any drugs we need? Do you hold the beliefs we want you to have? Are you in any way interested in your freedom? You don’t want to be in charge of your own life, do you?”

“Simply wave your hand,” said Brand. “Bye, bye, liberty. Bye.”

Author: Blake Ambrose