Team MAGA Utterly Destroys RINO Traitors


Projections show that Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz (America First) defeated primary rival Mark Lombardo on Tuesday night.

Late Tuesday night, the House editor for the Cook Political Report, Dave Wasserman, reported that Gaetz had won the Florida’s first congressional district’s primary against Lombardo.

Gaetz reacted to the anticipated triumph by saying, “Thank you Northwest Florida!”

Gaetz has been an outspoken backer of the America First agenda of the past President Donald Trump, particularly with respect to his support for a noninterventionist foreign policy.

In reality, his and other House conservatives’ support for the America First agenda is what sparked their argument with Liz Cheney, the then-chair of the House GOP Conference (R-WY).

Gaetz said that when Cheney backed Rep. Thomas Massie’s (R-KY) primary rival, he was prompted to demand her removal as the head of the House GOP Conference.

The conservative from Florida even made a trip to Wyoming to advocate Cheney’s removal from Congress. Gaetz said at a rally in late January that Cheney had only obstructed President Trump’s agenda and sold out to the endless war machine while serving in Congress.

Gaetz and other conservatives have blasted Cheney for attempting to have a change made to the NDAA that would make it more difficult for Trump to get out of Afghanistan.

The congressman added in Wyoming, “A country that sends its finest to go fight in the worst locations in the world shouldn’t send its worst to be members in the U.S. Congress.”

The Republican from Florida has also pushed for reforms to immigration laws. In an interview with Washington Bureau Chief Matthew Boyle, he went into further detail:

“It’s the legal immigration where you now have a system that tells young individuals to go get a STEM degree, to go learn how to code software, and they do it. They accumulate tremendous amounts of student debt and then we get someone from India that is able to perform the job for $50,000 to $60,000 a year on a work visa,” said the author.

“Big tech snatches all of them up, costing many Americans their jobs.”

“Therefore, we must consider immigration rather than merely the open border. That attitude to the larger immigration issue we have, which includes both legal and illegal immigration, seems to me to be an extremely Boomer approach.”

He said that it is a “boomer mindset” to ignore the expenses associated with legal immigration.

Author: Steven Sinclaire