Biden Transports Illegals For Certain Far-Left “Operations”


According to far-left news outlet Reuters, the Biden Administration’s “pure evil” has been transporting minors from shelters in Texas to other states for abortions.

“Children.” “Flying.” “Driving.” “For terminating a pregnancy.”

The corporate media will continue to look for tales that illustrate how terrible it is not to kill innocent babies, now that the legal and moral atrocity known as Roe v. Wade has been reversed. So Reuters came up with this beauty about the horrible position of illegal immigrants who will be unable to access a clinic that would end their baby’s life.


Biden has opened the border in Texas, which is a state with no legal abortion, in order to try and turn it blue. As a result, most illegal immigrants go to Texas, where they are unable to obtain an abortion.

“Abortion worries have grown for undocumented immigrants in the United States,” according to the Reuters headline.

“Unlawful immigrants” is Newspeak for “illegal alien who should be deported immediately but isn’t because Democrats need a captive voting base.”

Now, we’re supposed to be outraged about the repeal of Roe v. Wade because people breaking into our country illegally who have no right to be here can’t murder their innocent babies in our country.

But, here’s the hidden twist…

Not only is Joe Biden allowing illegal immigrants to flood into Texas, but he’s also transporting minor illegal migrants — kids — to other states in order to murder their children. If you can appreciate a macabre sense of irony, he’s been doing it for almost 9 months.

“Four U.S. officials who requested anonymity to discuss the matter told Reuters that Biden officials are looking at options for girls and pregnant women in US immigration custody that are in states with restrictions to get access to abortion.”

Many government shelters for unaccompanied minors caught at the U.S.-Mexico border are now in Texas, where a GOP-backed measure that took effect in Sept. outlawed abortion procedures after six weeks.

For the last nine months, officials from the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have been transporting minors from Texas shelters to other states to get abortions. Advocates are now demanding more advice and fast action.

Who do we imagine is paying for it?

Author: Steven Sinclaire