Republicans Prove Yet Again They Can’t Be Trusted

Democrats have renewed their push for “gun control” in the wake of the most recent mass shooting in Highland Park, which killed seven people. That follows several weeks after Republicans lined up to sign a gun control bill (now enacted) with the expectation that doing so might create consensus on the issue.

The prediction was correct, however, that this did not buy the GOP enough goodwill to get them through the next mass shooting, much less put the subject to rest for any length of time. Here’s what I had to say about Sen. John Cornyn being named as a negotiator with Democrats on gun control when he was first announced.

“Here is the thing, though. When any of the red flag laws that are passed fail to stop the next massive shooter, the demand for “action” will only become more urgent. The next “something” will be even more invasive than it is now. I get it; I understand why people want to act in good faith and try to reduce some of the heat, but Republicans need to realize that Democratic efforts for gun confiscation and an “assault weapons” ban would not end with any potential deal.”

“That raises an obvious question for Republicans: Is it a good idea to give ground when the Democrats’ ultimate goal is revealed to you? I’m certain of my response.”

“In the Highland Park shooting, every possible warning was there, yet Illinois’ red flag law failed to stop him from obtaining weapons. That has always been the issue with any GOP accommodation on this topic. When you give up ground, all you’re doing is giving gun control advocates ammunition to say “See? Your ideas have Failed, therefore we’ll do it my way now.”

After the text of the previously-proposed law was leaked, I expressed similar views on social media.

“It’s a good idea to keep this page bookmarked. To be honest, I didn’t anticipate being proved right so soon, but here we are, with Dems once again going full steam on “assault weapon” and “high-capacity magazine” bans that have already been struck down by the Supreme Court. It does not matter, though, and you may expect cries for “action” to rise from here. If Republicans thought their desire for compromise would take some of the heat off, they were misguided.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire