Democrats Welcome Illegals With Open Arms – And Checkbooks


Plenty of people have explored the reasons Democrats contributed to a migrant crisis. Nothing good can come from hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens flooding our border. The federal government is overwhelmed trying to house all of them. Border states are already suffering from those who aren’t apprehended.

The long-term effects will harm our economy, safety, education systems, and more. But not only are Democrats unwilling to see the light, they want to go even further to reward those who ignore our laws. In many blue states, they are willing to provide more support for illegal aliens, than their own citizens.

That’s certainly true in deep-blue California. Even as a homeless crisis seeks to destroy entire cities, the state wants to provide free healthcare to illegal aliens. It will cost over a billion dollars. And guess who gets to pay for it?

California taxpayers will soon pay more in taxes to enroll more illegal immigrants in Medicaid, a plan that was part of a recently approved state budget. Younger illegal immigrants are already enrolled in Medicaid, SNAP and other federally funded programs.

The plan proposed by California Democrats guarantees that low-income illegal immigrants older than age 50 will receive health insurance. Coverage would take effect in 2022 and cost taxpayers $1.3 billion per year…

Meanwhile, nearly 3.2 million Californians remain uninsured, accounting for 9.5% of the state’s population, according to data from the University of California–Berkeley Labor Center. [Source: Just the News]

California socialists—I mean, Democrats—don’t seem to care that illegal aliens insult our laws, values, and way of life. They deliberately ignore our immigration standards, marching into the U.S. as if they own the place. Illegal aliens take jobs from Americans and place a burden on our public schools and healthcare systems.

All the while, most of them don’t pay taxes or contribute to the growth and well-being of our communities. And that’s not even getting into those many illegals who work for drug cartels and human traffickers.

Yet California is willing to turn a blind eye to this travesty of justice, by rewarding illegals with free healthcare. Not only are they ignoring federal immigration laws, but they will be taking more money from working residents to support criminals.

Now, why would Democrats do such a thing? It’s pretty obvious how they are rewarding crime, while disrespecting law-abiding citizens.

Well, a part of it is to thumb their noses at Americans who want a secure border. Plenty of Democrats’ ideas are just a knee-jerk reaction to conservative values. Not a great way to lead.

But the other side of the coin is that Democrats need a steady flow of new immigrants they can exploit. As more Americans become successful and get off the government’s teat, Democrats are desperate to import a new welfare state—one they can abuse for votes.

California is one of many blue states that doesn’t support voter ID. Nothing is stopping an illegal immigrant from voting—and liberal activists are more than happy to help them do it. Giving them free stuff is just a way to coerce these uninformed people into voting for corrupt Democrats.

That sounds pretty ugly, but it’s the truth.

Author: Joe Samson