Top Democrat Puts Kids At Risk Until Republicans Make Her Cry For Forgiveness


Has Stacey Abrams finally realized how bad her recent mask hypocrisy is? She Probably hasn’t, but she has recognized the political liability that it has become.

It all started when a photo of Stacy Abrams with no mask emerged while children around here were forcibly masked. Clay Travis then received additional photos showing it was not just one momentary removal of her mask, but that she was going around while admittedly demanding that everyone around her be masked so that she could go without a mask.

Of course, she spent the first several days accusing those who criticized her of being racists. Yet, she’s suddenly had a change of tune. While she was on CNN, Abrams had admitted that it was a “mistake,” pledging that she would do better if she was elected governor.

The left instantly took this is as some kind of proof of Abrams’ vast integrity. “Look at how she took responsibility,” they gleefully said from their social media accounts.

But that is not how any of this really works. If a politician spends their days accusing people of being racist while insisting that any attacks on their hypocrisy is the results of Trump boot-licking, they do not get to take the high-road after it has become apparent they dug their hole too deep.

Georgians saw exactly what type of Governor Stacy Abrams would be if elected. Namely, she’s someone who sees themselves as higher than normal people, even children. She was the only person at risk of a COVID-19 complication in those pictures. If anyone should have had a N95 mask taped on their face, it was Abrams. But instead, she did what Dems have usually done: Show that they do not take the pandemic as serious as they have demanded you take it.

The only reason that Abrams changed her tune is because she remembered that she is running in Georgia, not NY. If she felt she might have been able to get away with it politically, then she would have never admitted any fault of her own. That she did, just days after trashing those who criticized her, only shows how cynical and manufactured her campaign for governor truly is.

Abrams clearly supports children having mask mandates. There is zero science behind it, and at this point, it is borderline abusive. It also reveals that she is willing to go along with the hysterical, rabid members from her base. Instead of trying to represent all citizens of Georgia, she is only trying to represent the views of those in the metro Atlanta area who are on the far-left.

In the end, she will continue to collect gobs of cash from the outside donors, but the voters now know what Abrams really is, and I suspect that she will add another loss to her record in Nov.

Author: Steven Sinclaire